About Negus.Leo Publishing

Our Mission

NLP is dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products, and a commitment to excellent service.

Our Origin Story

After successfully navigating the military, retiring as a police Lieutenant in 1999, and serving as an adjunct instructor, our founder, Ronnie Canty, discovered it was a  struggle to publish his amazing stories through traditional publishing mediums.

Determined to share his story, he employed Amazon Direct Publishing which exceeded the nominal results of traditional publishing methods. It was at this point that he was determined to offer information for theirs to share in the experience, and NLP was born.

Our Core Values

NLP is a company built on four core values that represent who we are and why we believe in the work we do.

  • Community – We empower authors and creators to support local and global communities through diverse storytelling, fact finding, and sustainable practices.
  • Optimism – We believe that a collective positive mental attitude drives meaningful change.
  • Innovation – We question everything and push boundaries to create the best publishing experience.
  • Creativity – We take a humble and imaginative approach to giving ourselves and others the freedom to create.

Our Standards 

NLP is committed to balancing purpose and profit. We prioritize sustainability and strive for the highest standards of social and environmental performance.